Capability Maturity

Sustain your Business Transformation

Agile IQ® metrics reflect a stage of maturity in your business transformation. 



Reflects the behaviours that are strongest, not a checklist of actions.

Designed by™ Professional Scrum Trainers™.

Ensures the advice is up-to-date and based on the latest scalable and repeatable best practice.


Linked to actions, insights and advice

Metrics are useless without a "so what, now what". Each stage details what others have done successfully to do to grow and sustain your investment in your digital, agile transformation.

Stage One

In Stage One, companies tend to focus on:

  • Establishing cross-functional teams over traditional teams of a single capability (e.g. a dev team and a separate test team).
  • Estabishing the guardrails by which teams will self-organise.

Delivery in Stage One organisations depends on talented people, but because skills are embedded in specific individuals, a company’s agility isn’t yet scalable and success isn’t repeatable. 

Stage Two

In Stage Two, companies are focus on:

  • Supporting teams to start with the basics of an agile framework. Over 70% of teams start with Scrum.
  • Estabishing agile roles by to support the first few steps in  which teams will self-organise.

Stage Two organisations are strongly invested in learning and focussing on getting the basics of their agile operating models right. 

Stage Three

In Stage Three, companies focus on:

  • Adding additional practices in addition to frameworks like Scrum, such as DevOps, Kanban, XP, and Design Thinking.
  • Moving to Product Management over project management, including retiring legacy waterfall roles, processes and practices.
  • Shifting from development metrics, such as milestones and budget, to product use metrics that indicate products have both utility and value.

Stage Three organisations start showing higher levels of productivity, transparency and quality. They typically advance to even higher levels of effectiveness when they learning advanced patterns and practices such as DevOps, Design Thinking, Kanban to optimise for flow, and Lean to reduce waste.

Stage Four

In Stage Four, companies focus on:

  • Flow metrics and value stream management – throughput, cycle time, the amount of work in-progress, work item age.
  • Agile OKRs on product development and not on individual people or teams against teams that create competition over alignment to a common product outcome.
  • Heavy use of Kanban and Lean to understand bottlenecks in the flow of value and actively maximise throughput from idea through to delivery.

Stage Four organisations are high performers. Their teams regularly show consistent high throughput at a high level of quality and sustainable pace. It shouldn’t be unusual for their teams to double their throughput when the type of work is consistent over a few months.

Stage Five

In Stage Five, companies are focus on:

  • Systems Thinking to better understand and improve the whole value stream.
  • Supporting teams to take more of a leadership role and higher levels of responsibilitiesfor supporting each other and growing enterprise agility.
  • Nurturing their network of teams over the company’s hierarchy.

Stage Five companies are global leaders. They have an aggressive focus on the customer and their needs and making rapid decisions through their network of team over the hierarchy. Stage Five teams have a ‘systems thinking’ mindset and operate to optimise the whole value stream. 

Agile IQ® gives you real comparison data

  • One assessment
  • Instant comparisons to other companies of a similar age
  • AI insights to inform digital transformations decisions and capability improvement
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