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Improving the work lives of 1M people by 2025.

About Agile IQ

Agile IQ® is designed by Zen Ex Machina, APAC’s most experienced and successful scaled agile consulting company. We’ve embedded our coaching, training, and mentoring practices, as well as our capability maturity framework, into our software. It makes it simple and takes the guesswork out of growing business agility.

One platform: assess teams, coach teams, report on agile capability

In a single platform, you get reports on the strengths of your agile behaviours, and over 100+ coaching recommendations customised to your teams’ age and level of maturity – all available to you at any time within your Agile IQ® app. Can you imagine what goals your organisation could achieve when you have a digital agile coach 24/7?

Addresses all your agile needs

Business agility touches every part of the modern business. Team assessments, reporting, and agile coaching are all 

How can I protect my investment in agile?


Access an unrivalled picture of strategic alignment, ability to innovate, delivery risk, team effectiveness and cost savings with Agile IQ® in one dashboard.

I need to report on agile


Export PDF reports and use customisable Power BI dashboards to report to executive on delivery risk,  psychological safety and team effectiveness.

I want to show my value

Consultants and Agile Coaches

Grow your reputation as an agile coach with Agile IQ®’s comprehensive, industry standard assessments to help monitor and grow teams’ agility.

I want to grow my team's agility

Scrum Masters

Agile IQ® provides 100+ AI-driven curated coaching tips tailored to your level of agility to help your teams improve.

Keep a Real-time Pulse on business agility

Get started with Agile IQ® with 45 days free!

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