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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the data held?

The data is held in Microsoft’s cloud in Australia.

Are my user details secure?

Agile IQ® doesn’t store any personal data or passwords. Agile IQ® uses Google and Microsoft to login. Agile IQ® only knows that your identity has been verified by these sources before it logs you in.

What personal data to you capture?

Agile IQ® doesn’t store any personal data about you, your login name or your passwords.

Agile IQ only stores information that you provide in order to do assessments, i.e.:

  • Your agile certifications – this helps us understand how practiced you are at identifying agile behaviours in teams and across the enterprise. This helps avoid overestimating (positive outcome bias).
  • Your company name and the program or division of your team(s) – this helps create a ‘container’ for team-to-team comparisons.
  • The agile frameworks you use – for example, SAFe®, Nexus™, Scrum™, Extreme Programming(XP)™, etc.
  • Your team names.

How long is the free trial for?

The free trial is available for 45 days. After your 45 days free trial, you will be invited to subscribe to a plan that best suits your needs.

How does Agile IQ® calculate my scores?

The information on behaviour you input into Agile IQ® is processed through our proprietary algorithms. This then outputs the strength of Agile Behaviours, including self-organisation, agile values, continuous improvement culture, and sprinting.

Each question has a specific weighting against each of the 4 primary behaviours in Agile IQ® and the 23 influencing behaviours. 

Can I go back and look at my answers to questions?

The questions represent only input into the Agile IQ®’s behavioural algorithms. The questions chosen for the quick assessment are also random.

To avoid anchoring (a form of cognitive bias) in completing an assessment, it is recommended that assessors:

  • Reflect only on the strengths of behaviours seen since the last assessment.
  • Consider empirical evidence regarding those behaviours.
  • Complete the assessment based on this evidence alone.

With these inputs, Agile IQ’s statistical algorithms will then provide insights to trends and where improvements can be made.

Can I use the assessment in Retrospectives?

Many Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches use the full-baseline assessment as a team survey on their agile practices. A full baseline assessment done using this practice typically takes around 20 minutes to complete.

To share the screen, connect your device to a screen share compatible input device like Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or a TV with screen cast compatible input.

What is the 'Quick Assessment' based on?

Different questions have a different statistical weighting on different agile behaviours. When you do a quick assessment, only the questions that contribute the highest amount of statistical significance are candidates for selection.

How can I compare teams?

People with a program subscription can compare teams in the Executive Dashboard.

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