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Big Upfront Planning is Out. Pivoting to Respond to Change is In

With uncertainty at an all time high, the response of many organisations in those early days was to batten down the hatches and the impact may be felt for many months to come. To survive through this, big up front planning will be out and pivoting to respond to change will be the new normal.  

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Remote PI Planning – Insights into what worked and what didn’t

Running remote PI planning for the first time 100% virtual was a bit daunting a few weeks ago when the reality set in that with the current crisis, this was now our reality. We prepared, thought through worse case scenarios and had back up plans and felt eerily calm as the day began. It was a great success and here are our tips.


Want to be an Agile Coach? Being a Lean Agile Leader and Practitioner is key!

If your an agile coach, just knowing Agile, or Scrum, or how to set up a Kanban board won’t be enough to get you though the complexities involved in successfully performing the role and being an agile leader. Seek to expand your knowledge and capabilities and practice intentionally as part of your own continuous improvement.

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Strategies for successfully leading remote agile teams

Leading remote agile teams was always going to be tricky. Implementing these 6 strategies can help leaders reduce team stress, address concerns about work progress, increase productivity for the  teams, and restore and maintain healthy communication channels.

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Principles of Effective Governance

What governance best supports product development efforts using agile frameworks? Don’t be tempted to over complicated things with a hybrid committee structure. Scrum has all the roles and responsibilities you need to deliver value.

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Multitasking is ruining your productivity when you’re working remotely

De-stressing when you’re working from home with a brisk walk around the block is essential for productivity. There is, unfortunately, all the unwanted breaks. Notifications on your phone. Email alerts that have popped up. A tick-tock video that needs watching. Unfortunately, switching tasks for just a few seconds is ruining your productivity.


Agile is a mindset. Agile is behaviour.

Agile is a mindset. You hear it all the time. But what does an agile mindset mean? What actions and behaviours should you see from an enterprise that has an agile mindset?


Why people hate Scrum’s daily stand-ups and what to do about it

What is a “daily stand-up” really for and how do you get the best out of this key Scrum event? How do you avoid stand-up fatigue? Here are some tips to make the Daily Scrum effective again.

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How leadership can promote a remote agile team culture

Scrum teams excel in rapidly changing complex environments and their ability to adapt and pivot to fast changing business priorities can be a huge advantage. However, the current abrupt shift from co-located to remote working would challenge even the most high performing agile team.

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Rapid pivoting and responsiveness will be the “new normal”

Rapidly pivoting to new priorities and understanding what can be done now to solve immediate impediments to work are the new normal for executives. Their need to be more responsive has led to rapid acceleration of digital transformation plans and business agility.


Scaling agile from 5 teams to 27 teams within 12 months

Scaling is challenging and one of the key reasons agile initiatives fail is that the culture of the organisation is at odds with agile mindset and agile principles. But the next key factor is management support. So we knew that this change needed to be driven and supported by the leadership team in order to be successful.

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How do you go from siloed reporting to organisational-wide transparency of value and priorities?

Every executive is familiar with the hours long weekly meetings where senior leaders report to the CIO. When the world is rapidly changing and whole divisions work remotely, comprehensive formal reports are good but outdated by the time they’re written.


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