Enterprise Agility with OKRs

The agile enterprise needs OKR agile metrics

From executive strategic planning to budgeting, planning and delivery, ZXM has coached organisations to realise real value across their whole value stream agile.

Prioritise by value? You need value metrics.

We take a systems thinking approach to your business. We use Lean techniques to understand how you deliver value and help you to find where you can save Capex and Opex, be faster to market, and improve your ability to innovate and adapt to change.

200% improved productivity

A focus on value in OKRs means less waste

$2M per program per year

OKRs need to include CapEx and OpEx outcomes.

Faster to market

OKRs should include how agility is improving across your programs, including reducings in cycle time

How We Do It

Using OKRs with Evidence Based Management (EBM)

How do you get the whole enterprise to be agile? Measure the right things.

We help executives focus on investment and the outcomes they demand by using agile metrics based on value, impact and outcome, not by activity milestones and deliverables.


OKRs and Business Canvas

We help executives to set their OKRs based on the impacts and outcomes of their strategic initiatives – whether its investing in business as usual and keeping the lights on, or creating new products and services. 

We use OKR Canvases with executives to articulate how they will measure success, and what indicators (both leading and lagging) will indicate they’re driving toward their goals.

Our Results

We helped one organisation to set OKRs to improve and impact their poor customer experience.

The OKRs they set – the impacts they sought to achieve – were:

  • Reduction in existing technical debt to zero.
  • Improving the standard of quality of product development to a defect count of zero each Program Increment (3-months).
  • Savings in the maintenance costs of $700 USD per year in a program of only 10 teams (approx 100 people).
  • Improvement in NPS by 50% due to an improvement in the customer experience.

Their implementation was simply to implement disciplined adoption of Scrum by product development and management teams with the support of our agile coaches and trainers.

Within 9 months, their OKRs were exceeded with a decrease of $1.5M USD OpEx and an NPS increase of 60%. Over the following 18 months, the defect rate was maintained at zero.

Graph of savings due to reduction in defects

Our Clients

Our clients include software development, product management, marketing, legal and even data analysis and reporting, across both corporate and government organisations.


Case Studies

Pivot to Virtual Remote PI Planning

Virtual big room planning events in SAFe® need a greater focus on communication to ensure that the same level of collaboration is achieved and can be done successfully through effective use of virtual tables, digital planning tools and chat rooms​.

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