Corporate Social Responsibility

Think global. Act local.

ZXM takes its responsibility as a global thought leader seriously

Our policies and procedures take careful consideration of the financial, environmental, and social impacts the decisions of all staff make – from the Board of Directors to our consultants and office staff – and the effects it has on the community.

Supporting our local communities

ZXM is a small business at heart. Our staff have a passion for being involved in the communities that helped our reputation for high-quality consulting services. Being part of this community, we’re know it’s our responsibility to support and contribute to its development.

Our support is given directly through undertaking special projects on a probono basis, presenting at conferences in our local and global communities of practice, and donations of 10% of our net-profits to local non-profits and charities in the cities that we operate on a financial year cycle.


Collaboration is one of our key values. We commit to this through respecting others and that people we’re involved with in the development, production, distribution and sale of our products and services is treated with dignity and respect and is offered an equal copportunity to contribute to what we do.


Trust is a critical foundation of our collaborative work. Establishing and maintaining long-lived relationships with our clients and their communities is code to how we work.


Sustainability is one of our key values. This means ensuring staff have an adequate work/life balance and why we feel achieving this through close collaboration with our clients is vital to how we work.

Sharing our knowledge

All staff are expected to share their knowledge within their communities of practice. We support a number of community and not-for-profit conferences during the calendar year and freely give of our time to share our experiences with other practitioners.

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