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Our User experience (UX) consulting services help clients envision their digital products from start to finish, developing an efficient process and solution.

What We Do

Zen Ex Machina helps customers solve the problems of modern 21st century product management. We help with vision, service design, and the full customer experience, right down into the user experience of digital UI elements. Our goal is to delight your customers and make your products effective, usable and accessible.

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We deliver insights by applying the psychology of human behaviour, how people think, and pragmatic, modern design to help you make informed decisions about the future evolution of your products, services, and IT systems.

How We Do It

Design Studio Methodology

ZXM uses this collaborative approach to help its clients quickly and iteratively solve problems using group review. It’s fast, flexible, and focusses group effort on identifying ideas that have the biggest impact on addressing problem areas and discarding those that don’t.

Design studio methodology: rapidly creating solution options

We use this approach to help form the Product Backlog of requirements so that agile projects can quickly commence, reducing the lead time for complicated projects by months.

User-centred design and Co-design

User-centred design helps us to bridge the gap between our clients and their customers by asking them to look at problems from the perspective of their users first. This approach helps create a strategic awareness of what will improve customer satisfaction.

Co-design workshop: Enabling clients to rapidly articulate their knowledge in a personas exercise

Specifically, because our clients are often the experts when it comes to knowing their end-users and customers, ZXM works to development process that empower, encourage, and guide our clients to develop smart, simple and elegant solutions for themselves.

Lean UX and Lean Start-up

The focus of our UX work is principle-driven design. This means working with light-weight methods, rapid prototyping and just-enough documentation, with quick, collaborative, iterative delivery, that is value-driven and customer-validated.

We use Lean UX and Lean Start-up to help our clients rapidly shorten their products’ development cycle by delivering smaller, viable, and lovable products. The focus is to quickly learn from their use, in order to deliver incrimental, continuous, high-value improvements to customers.

Design Sprints

ZXM helps startups with a fast-paced, 5-day Sprint of collaborative problem solving, ideation, prototyping and testing of solutions. This is the pattern used by both Google and Ideo and is based on Design Thinking.

This approach helps our clients understand their users through research, competitive review and strategy exercises, and enables us to collaboratively rapidly develop solutions, decide on the optimum path forward, and then prototype and validate using real end-users.

Proven Results:

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Virtual big room planning events in SAFe® need a greater focus on communication to ensure that the same level of collaboration is achieved and can be done successfully through effective use of virtual tables, digital planning tools and chat rooms​.

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