Agile in Marketing

Business transformation for New York NYC digital marketing company Fishbat.

The Situation

ZXM was engaged by New York NYC digital marketing company Fishbat to improve their ability to pivot to disruptive change, meet client needs faster, and reduce costs. Critical to their adoption was to ensure executive, all the way to the CEO, embraced this change and not only led this initiative but participated by using Scrum themselves.


Improve adaptability

Create the ability to accept change and deliver iteratively.


Improve Workforce effectiveness

Reduce re-work, risks and costs.


Improve Resilience to change

Reduce overwork and change fatigue.

The Solution

ZXM introduced Fishbat leadership to composability through a Lean-Agile mindset, training leaders to understand Scrum, Lean, and Kanban and how to apply it to the fast paced world of digital marketing. Specifically, ZXM trained Fishbat to understand and apply:

  • Toyota Kata to run strategic initiatives, and experiment with metrics-driven outcomes.
  • Value Stream mapping, to give transparency to the entire system of work and where potential bottlenecks reduce the ability to respond rapidly in a social media and marketing context.
  • Decentralised decision-making, to support teams to be self-organising by providing guide rails and free leaders’ time to focus more on strategy.

ZXM then mentored Fishbat leadership through using Scrum to operate their entire value stream, from sales and client acquisition to delivery – supporting clients in real time with social media, marketing, digital strategy, and SEO – using Sprints.

The Results

Within 6 months of applying Scrum across their entire business, Fishbat have seen the quality of work improve across all accounts due to the focus and discipline that agile has brought. Moreover, this has improved the collaborative relationship with their clients, improved customer satisfaction, improved transparency, improved collaboration within and between Fishbat teams, and given the CEO the ability to deliver more with less.

Improved productivity

Cost reduction through focussing on what matters most.

Happier clients

Greater transparency, stronger collaboration, faster to react to changing client needs.

Improved quality

Higher standards of work through using Definition of Done and tighter collaboration across teams.

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