We were born out of a desire to help people solve the problems of complex work.

We don't compromise on quality. We think in terms of the whole system of work to improve people's work lives. It's who we are. It's in our DNA. If it's in yours, come join us.

No Sheldons

ZXM is a “NO SHELDONS” employer. We’re not looking for unicorns, lone wolves, divas, book quoters, or the smartest brains on the planet. 

We’re looking for people who will work as part of a larger ZXM team who are all working to improve people’s working lives – executives, managers and their teams. We’re seeking people who will work and speak with one ZXM voice, who can work at scale, and won’t sit back and just ask deep questions, but who will get in there and get their hands dirty.  

Live our values

Our people live our purpose and enact our values every day.


Keep it simple. Don't over complicate solutions for the client. Don't overload people with DevOps before they've learned how to apply the basics of the Agile Manifesto. 

Be Agile

Continuously learn and adapt to client needs and ZXM's needs. Always think relentless improvement. Always think about the whole "system" of work.

Don't leave people in the lurch

Work side-by-side with our clients and ZXM consultants even when the going gets tough.

Optimise for the whole

It's an ecosystem of people, processes and IT. Keep an eye on the big picture and don't lose sight of what constitutes value.

Sustainable pace

Help people maintain a sustainable pace - not only clients but also yourself. Everyone should take time for self-care.

Stay on target

Don't get distracted. You might have a pet agile practice, but that doesn't mean it's right for the client. Keep focussed and don't get distracted by the latest agile fad.

One of these roles is right for you!

Agile Team Coach - All regions AUSTRALIA

Do you have at least 5 years experience as a Scrum Master and/or Product Owner? Do you care about helping teams with relentless improvement, quality and sustainable pace?

We're looking for experienced agile practitioners who have a mix of certifications, experience and a pragmatic, Agile and Lean mindset, to join our crew of talented agile consulting practitioners. You'd be working alongside other ZXM coaches and so you have to be a team player, not a lone wolf.

Experience working with scale with SAFe, Scrum @ Scale, or Nexus (particularly in hard places like Federal Government), would be an advantage.

The regions we're looking for people are: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth.

Agile Program Coach - Sydney AUSTRALIA

Do you have at least 5 years experience as an agile coach and consultant working at scale? Do you have experience as a Release Train Engineer, Chief SM or Product Manager?

Scale is hard. We're looking for someone who has fought the good fight and knows what it's like to herd cats. We're looking for someone who contributes their time to the agile community, whose shown their commitment to their craft through a range of certifications, and thinks about agile in a very Lean way.

If this sounds like you, and you like working in a team of coaches, then you might have found your new home.

Come and Work with Us

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