Upcoming Courses

What courses do we offer?

ZXM’s trainers are agile practitioners, certified to teach the full SAFe® and Scrum curriculum with certification.

We also offer 1-day foundation courses for Agile, Lean, and Kanban, and specialist courses for agile leaders, executives, Product Owners and Scrum Masters.

What makes us different?

ZXM trainers are also practitioners. We give you real-life examples based on the hundreds of teams, the different organisations (not just software), leaders, and executives we’ve coached over the last decade.

You’ll come away equipped with the latest tips from our global agile experts on what it takes to make agile work.

Need in-house training?

Choose from certified scaled agile courses, such as Leading SAFe®, or industry standard courses to certify Scrum Masters and Product Owners. Or, we can work with you to design and deliver your own course based on agile mindset, Scrum, Lean and Kanban.

Request an agile course

Ask one of our consultants today about your course needs.

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