Agile for Executives

Creating enterprise agility through effective Agile Leadership


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Are you an executive wanting better business outcomes? We’ve helped executives:

  • Reduce time to value from 6-9 months to 4 weeks.
  • Save capex and opex $2M+ USD per program. 
  • Reduce waste and red tape.
  • Decrease overtime by 95%.
  • Improved quality while increasing throughput.
Above: Benefits we've helped clients achieve during COVID

ZXM’s Agile Leadership training options introduce the role of leaders in agile product management, agile operating models, how they work, and why they are effective at reducing costs, improving time to market, and improving an organisation’s ability to pivot.

Professional Agile Leadership

2-day certification on how to support, lead, and operate an agile organisation.

Agile for Executives

1/2 day foundation course for executives and managers to manage their enterprise value stream.

Lean-Agile Portfolio Management

Implement Lean Portfolio Management functions of strategy and investment funding, agile portfolio, and Lean Governance.

Product Ownership

Mastering agile product management with agile programs and teams - from discovery to delivery.

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