Enterprise Agility for the Modern Agile Executive

Certify your experience as an Agile Leader

This 2-day course by ZXM and Scrum.org is designed to teach you all you need to know about being a an effective agile Leader and how to support agile ways of working

An agile enterprise can reduce costs, improve quality and customer satisfaction, and enable executives to pivot strategies faster. How can you make it a reality? 

Over two-days, this course covers the advanced thinking needed by Leaders to effectively pivot quicker, deliver faster and reduce costs by mastering systems thinking with this certification for executives and senior leadership.

What you'll learn

PAL-E is a course for executives and senior leaders. It helps you understand what agile can do for your enterprise and how to realise it through simple, long-term sustainable growth from a holistic and integrated perspective.

  • Improving your organisation’s performance
  • How to foster an agile mindset and culture
  • Agile enterprise metrics
  • Agile product management operating models, including governance

Professional Agile Leadership (PAL) Essentials ™ is a 2-day workshop designed to provide a foundation for the role that leaders play in creating the conditions for a successful agile transformation.
Leaders and managers are critical enablers in helping their agency be successful, yet the role of leaders and managers in an agile organisation can be quite different from what they are used to. This workshop uses a combination of instruction and team-based exercises to help participants learn how to form and support agile teams to achieve better results, and how to lead the cultural and behavioural changes that organisations must make to reap the benefits of an agile product delivery approach.  

Who should attend?

  • Executives and Senior Managers
  • Directors and Assistant Directors.
  • Product Managers, and Business Owners
  • Solution Managers, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, PMO personnel, and Process Leads.
  • Team leads and managers who want to learn more about Scrum.
  • Business stakeholders who work with Scrum Teams

Topics Covered

  • The role of managers in agile.
  • Supporting, guiding and coaching agile teams.
  • How agile adds value to government programs and portfolios.
  • Improving teams’ agility.
  • Agile transformation in a Large Organisational context.
  • Cultural change.
  • Typical challenges that agile teams face and how to support them by removing impediments.
  • Fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Performance improvement with Scrum.
  • Patterns for agile transformation from implementations by Zen Ex Machina in other organisations and  agencies.

Course Objectives

  • How agility can help you improve your organisation’s performance.
  • How you, as a manager or leader, can help your organisation achieve the benefits of agility.
  • How culture and values influence your agency’s ability to reap the benefits of agility.
  • Practical skills for helping to guide and support agile teams, and to help them remove impediments.
  • An understanding of how to measure the benefits and impacts of agility in your organisation.



This course is delivered by certified executive trainer Mia Horrigan – PST , Agile and Program Agility Executive and Chief Operations Officer (COO)  for  ZXM.

People who attend this class and pass the exam will receive the PAL-E certification from Scrum.org. After attending the two-day course, you’ll receive a key to attempt the Professional Agile Leadership (PAL – E) assessment. PAL-E participants who attempt the PAL – E assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. 


The assessment covers topics spanning 14 Focus Areas defined in the Professional Scrum Competencies A listing of the Focus Areas covered by this assessment is available on the Suggested Reading page.

The assessment is in place to ensure you understand how Scrum Teams can benefit from having a leader reinforce and support agile practices and therefore detailed in its questions and required answers. Many questions ask the test-taker to think about or interpret how they would handle scenarios and to apply their own experience along with content from the PAL-E course and the PAL subject areas.

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