Agile Fundamentals

Everything you need to get started.

The perfect introduction to agile

ZXM’s Agile Essentials courses are perfect for in-house training. These courses are designed to get you started with agile with costs starting at $10,000 (excl. GST) for class sizes of 10-20 people delivered on your premesis.

"An excellent mix of information and activities to develop our understanding and skill. "
Public Servant

Agile Essentials for teams

ZXM’s one-day foundation course for agile mindset for people who will be joining or working with agile teams.

Agile for Executives

Establishing agile operating models, agile reporting, budgeting, and Lean Portfolio management.

Product Owner Essentials

The essentials for Product Owners to prioritise and roadmap outcomes, and ultimately optimise delivery of value to their organisation.

Scrum Master Essentials

The essentials for Scrum Masters to know the rules of Scrum, serve the Product Owner, coach the enterprise, and support agile teams to be self-managing.

Kanban Essentials

ZXM's 1-day course on optimising flow, visualising work, batch sizes, and workflow rules, with the getKanban game.

Scaled Agile Essentials

Our 1-day course on agile product management at scale for agile operating models, agile programs and portfolios with SAFe®, Nexus and Scrum@Scale.

Need certification?

View our certified Scrum courses from™, including Scrum Master and Product Owner certifications.

Looking for SAFe® certification?

View our certified SAFe® courses from Scaled Agile Institute®, including SAFe® for Teams and Leading SAFe®.

Need an in-house course?

Contact us for your agile training and coaching needs

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