Agile Coaching & Training

Agile practitioners with practical hands-on experience.

ZXM's agile coaching and training takes the guesswork out of what methods to use and how to get started. Begin adopting an agile framework today.

What We Do

Our consultants are certified with™ and SAFe® to bring you the latest in industry practices including:

  • Enterprise agility.
  • Agile metrics – KPIs and OKRs.
  • Business agility.
  • Agile Lean Portfolio Management.
  • Agile Leadership.

How We Deliver Agile Coaching

Culture first, "agile mindset" approach

Culture is at the forefront of everything we do. It’s also the biggest challenge facing Lean and Agile transformations. We use behavioural modelling paired with Agile IQ® to assess agile capability maturity and identify areas for coaching and improvement. We look for behaviour that is an early sign of cultural change and help to reinforce and reward it. This approach ensures that we align with how you whole organisation operates, rather than shoehorning a framework that is foreign to your portfolio, program, and project planning.
Agile Mindset by Zen Ex Machina

We develop your people

Many consultancies embed their people like contractors or full-time staff. When they leave, your agile capability walks out the door with them.

We focus on building you own agile coaching capability through our award winning ZXM Agile IQ® Academy™ framework:

  • Mentor key champions.
  • Train your staff – executives to teams.
  • Support and coach your leadership.
  • Create consistency of practice.
  • Report on agile maturity progress.

Our Clients

Our clients include software development, product management, social media marketing, legal, and even data analysis and reporting, across both corporate and government organisations.

Upcoming public courses

Choose from industry certified courses such as Leading SAFe® or certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) or Product Owner (PSPO). We also have Scrum with UX for design and creative studios, as well as Agile Essentials – a one-day course encompassing foundation elements of agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban.

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