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Helping you solve complex business problems

Our management consulting services help clients solve complex business problems with agile methods and solutions. Work smarter, faster, & leaner with ZXM.

Zen Ex Machina is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading agile consulting firms. We help clients on their digital transformation journey with practices such as enterprise agility, business agility, and agile at scale.


Enterprise Agility

Keep up with the pace of disruptive change
We design you the strategy and help you execute it. Our end-to-end experience will help you transform your entire organisation with low risk and impact to delivery.

Agile Operating Models

Boosting innovation at 70% of the Fortune 100
We've helped our customers implement scaled agile in some of Australia's largest and most complex programs. We can do the same for you.

Agile Governance

Reduce delivery risk by improving transparency
We'll help you build the frameworks you need to ensure that risk, transparency, and delivery are managed successfully.

How We Work

Collaboration is key

ZXM uses the Deming Cycle to deliver its work. It helps us collaborate closely with you in an open and transparent way. Our iterative approach means you get to see solutions faster and we can easily adapt to your changing needs in a more responsive way. This means you get the outcomes you want as your needs evolve.

Specifically, ZXM use P-D-C-A in the form of Scrum – one of many agile methods – as the basis for all our consulting products – from user-experience reports to strategic reviews.

Culture, behaviour and change are first class citizens

Change is the one constant in modern organisations. While organisations focus on skills uplift amongst their employees as one method of creating greater efficiencies people often forget that its one thing to learn a new skill, but another thing all together to change behaviour to use them.

ZXM uses behavioural change methods based on Prosci® ADKAR® and the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) of Behavioural Change by Prochaska and Di Climente (1983) to help organisations to create long-lived behaviours and assist with cultural change.

Proven Results

Pivot to Virtual Remote PI Planning

Virtual big room planning events in SAFe® need a greater focus on communication to ensure that the same level of collaboration is achieved and can be done successfully through effective use of virtual tables, digital planning tools and chat rooms​.

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