Audit & Assurance

Ensuring compliance of complex product management operations

Is your agile effective?

Agile operating models are common place. Many fall short of providing the benefits that agile has to offer:

  • Reduced costs.
  • Reduced risks.
  • Improved productivity.

Agile improved operational effectiveness, however, is only reaped when standards and practices are followed consistently. 

Our approach to agile risk and compliance

Agile IQ® is ZXM’s audit tool. With it we assess the health of business transformations and compliance  to agile’s industry standards to understand high risk areas that need attention.


Is your Definition of Done applied consistently? Does it contain your compliance, security, documentation and other standards?


Are agile events, including Daily Scrum, used effectively to identify emerging risks, document them, and escalate them when they impede the delivery of value?


Are your agile roles in-place and effective? Are you confusing your project management roles and responsibilities with your agile roles?


Self-management, agile values and culture: how healthy are these and do you invest in them?


Do you use agile artefacts - Backlogs and Increments - effectively to document activity, risk and outcomes?

Flow and value

Do you employ value streams and agile OKRs? What do they say about investment and outcomes?

We reduce risk through improved agile industry compliance

With 12 years’ experience, ZXM’s metrics-driven and adaptive approach improves success and builds a agile operating model that tackles risk more effectively.


Down 90%


Up 95%





Very high

Real-world success stories

We’ve helped clients around the world.

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