Free insights from ZXM’s world leading agile thought leaders

We’ve produced a large number of artefacts over the years to help us and our clients understand how to create agility in their context. Here are some free downloads produced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (unless otherwise specified).


Digital Transformations

How has Zen Ex Machina helped people to become agile? Read our latest publication here.

Digital Transformation with Zen Ex Machina

Scrum Master Checklist

Scrum Masters are Servant Leaders, but what does that mean in terms of accountability and expectations?
Download our Scrum Master checklist

Product Owner Checklist

The Product Owner in Scrum is a demanding role, but what are the expectations of them to guide the product and the Development Team through its lifecycle?

Download our Product Owner checklist

Sprint Planning Checklist

Sprint Planning can be a difficult event to run for new Scrum Masters. Staying to the timebox and getting everyone to collaborate and commit to a shared goal is a complicated endeavour.

Download our Sprint Planning checklist

Daily Scrum Checklist

How do you stop turning the Daily Scrum into a status report to the Product Owner of Scrum Master? It’s not as easy as you might think!

Download our Daily Scrum checklist

Retrospective Checklist

The Retrospective is designed to provide a formal point for inspection and adaptation by the whole Scrum Team with actions from lessons learned incorporated directly into the next Sprint. 

Download our Retrospective checklist

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