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We improve people's working lives through contemporary ways of working

We focus on helping you improve your time to market and ability to innovate via the benefits of scrum. Our results can save you $2M+ per year.

Work Lives Improved

We improve people's work lives through contemporary ways of working

We focus on helping you improve your time to market and ability to innovate. Our results can save you $2M+ per year.

Work Lives Improved

What We Do

We help you build strong, scalable, enterprise agility with real, tangible outcomes. 

Save you $2M+ per year

We've helped dozens of organisations improve their productivity via agile coaching.

Improve time to market

Our agile leadership coaching helps you deliver faster, moving from months to weeks.

Reduce delivery risk

Increase transparency across your entire portfolio with agile metrics.

Build enterprise agility

We help you focus on the benefits of scrum and metrics that focus on outcomes over just deliverables.


Make agile sticky

We're global leaders in agile at scale. Our agile coaching and advice helps create business agility.

Improve remote working

We create remote agile teams that deliver with enhanced transparency.

Our Services

End-to-end agile management consulting and business consulting services.

Enterprise Agile Transformation

APAC's most experienced large scale agile practitioners.

Organisational Design
Digital transformation and new business architecture implemented through Prosci® ADKAR® and organisational cultural change.
Agile Leadership Mentoring & Mindset
Train and mentor your leaders to embrace Management 3.0 and its Agile Mindset.
ZXM Agile Academy™
Grow your own internal agile centre of excellence with our ZXM Agile Academy™

Agile metrics and OKRs

Metrics to be faster to market, reduce costs and risks.

Evidence Based Metrics (EBM)
Measure the impacts and outcomes of your agile coaching and strategic initiatives.
Lean-Agile Portfolio Management
Align your portfolio, program and team delivery with Lean-Portfolio metrics and product management.
Agile IQ® Reporting Framework
Metrics for improving ability to pivot, agile leadership, and reduced costs through agile, powered by our Agile IQ® Power BI platform.

Agile coaching and training

Training delivered by APAC's most experienced agile practitioners.

Industry Certification
Training delivered by certified practitioners from™, Scrum Alliance™ and Scaled Agile Framework®
One-Day Agile Essentials™ Training
Designed to get software, finance, HR and marketing working with an agile mindset and practices.
Agile Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring
On the job support to grow your managers and teams through an holistic approach based on agile mindset.

Upcoming Public Courses

Top Leading 50
Companies for 2019
In 2017, the Silicon Review, one of the world’s most trusted
companies for business and technology professionals,
recognised ZXM’s customer success in the Asia-Pacific region for
its innovative, agile approach to management consulting services,
particularly in service of digital transformation in Australian Government.
Certified agile courses
led by hands-on
Our trainers are active agile practitioners with practical
hands-on experience with a wide range of Lean and Agile
frameworks from Scrum and Kanban to LeSS, Nexus and SAFe
from global certification bodies such as, the Scrum
Alliance, and Scaled Agile Inc from the creators of SAFe.
Top 25 Agile Companies
APAC CIO Magazine names Zen Ex Machina in the top 25
most promising agile solution providers for 2016, 2017 and 2018!

Insights from ZXM agile experts

A collection of the latest insights, stories and experiences from some of the most experienced agile consultants in APAC.

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