AI to help track and grow your team's capability maturity

Scrum Masters

AI is a gold mine that can fuel a culture of innovation and growth in your teams! Created by Professional Scrum Trainers, Agile IQ® gives you insights from behavioural assessments so that you can:

  • Understand what best practice to use with your teams, based on their level of maturity.
  • Compare your teams to others of a similar age, so you know if you’re ahead or behind the curve.
  • Download facilitation guides to take the guess work out of running agile events, like Daily Scrum and Retrospectives.

AI assessments

AI interprets your teams' behaviours in one assesment



See how your organisation compares to others


Set goals

Create and track targets for agile capability improvement



Get remidners to do assessments


Add improvements

Let the AI propose actions for improvement


Track trends

See progress over time for all your teams

Forget team surveys, assess team agility with AI

With a single assessment, Agile IQ’s AI can assess the strength of key agile behaviours, based on its deep understanding of core agile literature:

  • The Agile Manifesto and its 12 Principles
  • Kanban and Lean
  • The Official Scrum Guide by Schwaber and Sutherland
  • SAFe®, Scrum @ Scale, Nexus and LeSS.

Let the AI generate insights for you

Still using outdated terms like “grooming”? With so many fake agile specialists on the internet, it’s hard to keep current with industry latest practices.

Experienced, industry certified™ trainers and SAFe® SPCs® maintain a curated knowledge bank for Agile IQ’s AI to use. This means you get AI insights on current industry best practice on what to do to strengthen your teams’ agility.

Jira integration sends improvement actions directly into your Sprints

Agile IQ® makes it easy to pull data from Jira boards and give you automated insights and benchmarks on flow metrics:

  • Throughput: Items per month.
  • Time to market: idea through to delivery.

Track improvements over time

Track the growth areas of your team’s agility. Compare your teams to others of a similar age and export PDF reports for managers. You’ll have new insight into your teams’ overall agile capability maturity and can utilise improved agility to pivot rapidly to change.

AI insights for agile coaching

Follow step-by-step guidance designed to improve key areas of agility. Even add improvements to Jira.

Agile IQ® will keep you accountable with check-ins, reminders, and links to curated tutorials from certified, experienced, international agile experts.

Curated knowledge library for you and your team

Your Agile IQ score is linked to key insights and guidance for strengthening business agility. Follow step-by-step guidance by leading™ PST™ trainers, designed to improve key agile success factors.

  • Advice based on your level of maturity.
  • Curated library of articles.
  • Improve consistency.

Agile IQ® will keep you informed with check-ins, reminders, and links to tutorials from certified, experienced, international agile experts proven to improve enterprise agility.

Track trends in agile capability

Each assessment provides you trends and benchmarks so you can understand where you’re improving.

  • Enter your behaviours for the AI to assess.
  • Up to 32+ behavioural metrics.
  • See improvement trends.


Mobile friendly

Screen cast your mobile and guage in a deep conversation about the state of the team’s agile capability maturity relative to teams of a similar age.

Agile IQ®’s AI has 100s of intervention actions in its library. This means you’re never tethered to a desk – you can have powerful coaching conversations with teams anywhere, anytime.

AI-driven business agility

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