AI to help you get bigger business outcomes

AI with benchmarking

Agile IQ®’s AI gives you an objective picture of your agile capability maturity so you know where to focus improvements and what you should expect in ROI.


What makes organisations agile?

Machine learnings tells Agile IQ what practices will give you the greatest impact on cost savings, throughput and time to market, based on your stage of maturity.


How can you make your agility repeatable and scalable?

Agile IQ's advanced learning algorithms know what other companies have done so you can apply them to your context.


Why are some companies and their teams more agile than others?

Our AI tells you what behaviours its learned that create agility that your company can encourage and foster.

Benchmark against realistic behavioural measures

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    Cost reduction

    Add the per team cost and we'll forecast what you're saving based on your Agile IQ® score

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    Flow metrics

    Compare your lead time and throughput to others of a similar age in their agile journey

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    Agile capability

    See how the strength of your behaviours compare to others


Machine learning from 1,500+ assessments

Industry recognised agile specialists – SAFe® SPCs™ and™ Professional Scrum Trainers™ – observed hundreds of teams and followed some for over 5 years. We analysed those behaviours using multivariate statists to understand their correlation to organisational outcomes such as:

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    Improved lead time

    What behaviours predict if can you deliver faster without compromising quality?

  • saving-piggy-dollars

    Cost savings

    How can you deliver more with the same funding and make that repeatable?

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    Improved throughput

    What behaviours, when strengthened, enable you to deliver more at a sustainable pace?

The AI’s delivered four key success metrics that now form the backbone of Agile IQ®’s AI learning model.



Including Lean-Agile Leadership, goal clarity, dependability


Continuous learning culture

Including how product and customer metrics are used


Agile product delivery

Customer centricity,


Agile values

Empiricism, mastery, autonomy, servant leadership and connectedness

These behavioural factors form the backbone of Agile IQ®’s machine learning framework.


Observed behaviour


Assessor's profile


Team's profile


Agile IQ®

AI engine

Metrics & Benchmarks

  • Maturity level
  • Team culture
  • Psychological safety
  • Cost reduction
  • Throughput
  • Lead time

AI insights from agile behaviours

Agile IQ® uses machine learning from thousands of assessments:

  • Enter observations on the strengths of agile behaviours.
  • Compare your company to others of a similar age.
  • Set goals, select improvement actions, track progress.
"AI with machine learning of 10 years of agile behavioural data is what makes Agile IQ® unique".
Matthew Hodgson
Agile IQ® Founder

The AI learns about you from your behaviour

Enter your behaviours and Agile IQ® learns more about you, your company, and how you compare to others
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    AI behavioural insights

    Enter your behaviours and AI generates insights showing your strengths, weaknesses and trends.

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    Instant results

    One assessment. 5 minutes. Instant results, export reports.

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    Agile capability benchmarks

    See how you compare to others of a similar age in their agile journey.

AI support for your internal coaches

Agile IQ® helps your existing coaches understand teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Our agile metrics support them to triage where they focus to support the teams that need the most help.

"Agile IQ® has highlighted where teams need coaching support to reduce defects and operating costs for my client."
Mia Horrigan
SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC)

AI insights help you know agility at a whole new level of detail

With a personalised Agile IQ® score, you’ll know how well your company is doing. With our agile tools, your agile coaches will get instant recommendations to create focus to improve your organisation’s time to market, ability to pivot, and reduce delivery costs.

Powerful AI agile coaching tools in your hands

Agile IQ® is designed by Zen Ex Machina, APAC’s most successful digital transformation companies. 

In a single platform, you get reports on the strengths of your agile behaviours, and over 200+ coaching recommendations customised to your age and level of maturity – all available to you at any time on your Agile IQ® app. 

Can you imagine what goals your organisation could achieve when you have a digital agile coach 24/7?

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    Objective benchmarks on your investment in business agility.

  • SPCs, Agile Coaches & Consultants

    Track trends and improvement interventions across programs and Agile Release Trains.

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    Scrum Masters

    Get improvement advice and facilitation guides recommended by AI

AI to support for everyone in your organisation

AI-driven business agility

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