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The Sprint is a container for all other events. Each event in Scrum is a formal opportunity to inspect and adapt Scrum artifacts. These events are specifically designed to enable the transparency required.

Impacts of not using these events

Failure to run any of these events results in lost opportunities to inspect and adapt. Events are used in Scrum to create regularity and to minimise the need for meetings not defined in Scrum.

Transparency of progress is reduced

The state of the Sprint's goal and progress toward it less clear. Does it truly reflect where delivery is at?

Delivery is at risk

If daily plans are not assessed, opportunities to adapt to change in the environment are lost.

Failure to adapt

Opportunities are lost to deliver smarter, faster, if not assessed on a daily basis.

Reducing complexity and variability

Optimally, all events are held at the same time and place to reduce complexity.

Scrum Facilitation Guides

The Facilitation Guides for Scrum’s 5 events, and Backlog Refinement, cover the essential working sessions to strengthen empiricism through regular and consistent inspection and adaptation.

Facilitation Guides

Backlog Refinement

Getting on top of your Product Backlog is a key element of improved agility

Facilitation Guides

Daily Scrum

Inspecting progress toward the Sprint Goal empowers a team to adapt its Sprint Backlog

Facilitation Guides


Inspect the team – people, process and tools – and decide on improvement actions

Facilitation Guides

Sprint Planning – Why

How does a Product Owner facilitate discussion on the value needed from the upcoming Sprint?

Facilitation Guides

Sprint Review

Go beyond a demo and inspect the increment to get feedback on the direction for the next Sprint

Facilitation Guides

The Sprint

Sprints are the heartbeat of Scrum, where ideas are turned into value.

Other Agile Facilitation Guides


Agile Manifesto Bingo

A Retrospective activity to help improve people’s awareness of the Agile Manifesto


Personal Maps

Help build and strengthen team connectedness with Personal Maps

Facilitation Guides

Scrum’s Events

Learn how to get the most out of inspecting and adapting using Scrum’s 5 key events.

Other Frameworks


Agile Frameworks

The frameworks that fit under the umbrella term “agile”.

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