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Decentralised Decision-Making

Influencing Behaviour. Secondary Factor.


Delivering value in the shortest sustainable lead time requires decentralised decision-making. It is a key tenet of Lean thinking. Any decision that must be escalated to higher levels of authority introduces a delay. Also, escalated decisions can decrease quality due to the lack of local context, plus changes to the facts on which they were based that occur during the waiting period.

Management 3.0

Decentralising decisions isn’t black and white, all or nothing. Depending on teams’ maturity and trust, leaders should consider establishing guardrails for what decisions teams can make themselves and what needs to be escalated and centralised to management.

Supporting decentralised decision-making

Facilitation Guides

The Sprint

Sprints are the heartbeat of Scrum, where ideas are turned into value.


The Increment

How do you create an Increment of work in Scrum? What has it got to do with the Product Goal and Definition of Done?


Agile Artefacts

What are the core elements of agile frameworks that help promote focus, quality, and create transparency?

Definition of Done

Definition of Done

What is the Definition of Done and how do you use it to improve quality and reduce rework?


Agile Frameworks

The frameworks that fit under the umbrella term “agile”.


Mastering Agile Events

Learn how to get the most out of inspecting and adapting using Scrum’s 5 key events.


Build-in Quality

Built-in Quality is a critical principle of agile teams that ensures the quality of their product. A robust Definition of Done is key.


Setting Guardrails

What are the minimum set of roles, events, artefacts and timeboxes that are essential for team’ self-management.

Building Capability

Succession Planning

Actively create plans for who fills in for key roles at Sprint Planning.


An introduction to self-management

Self-management isn’t chaos. It requires management to set guardrails that define the boundaries for team-level actions, behaviours, and outputs

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