Designing effective email marketing campaigns

Businesses spend a lot of time and effort getting Users to their website and asking them to “like ” or subscribe to the site, yet with a click of a button that User can unsubscribe if they feel they are not getting value from you. I have recently been developing an email marketing campaign and have found that content and relevancy are the way to not only attract, but also to retain their customers and turn “likes” into “lovers.
Here are my Do’s and Don’ts for email marketing campaigns:

  • Provide value – Interesting and Relevant content
  • Be consistent – Have the same look and feel so all you need to do is drop in the content. Makes it easy for you  and reader
  • Include links – Link to longer articles on your website and track what readers are clicking
  • Be personal – Drop in the reader’s first name
  • Target – Identify segments to make it relevant and effective
  • Include call to action – Be clear in what you want your readers to do. Make it easy to sign up or participate
  • Be concise – Put important things at the top, include summary with links, keep it short and sweet


  • Get carried away with animation –  Visual elements need to support  image and make navigation to key message easier
  • Use too much flash – Inhibits loading times and formatting for accessing internet on the move
  • Send too often– Plan out what you want to highlight and when. Don’t clutter inboxes. Send a newsletter rather than ad hoc emails
  • Forget to proof it first – Nothing turns off readers more than mistakes. Check spelling, grammar and offers
  • Send without an unsubscribe– If readers are no longer interested in your content, it is best to let them unsubscribe quickly and easily

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