Features and Benefits

Agile IQ® for SAFe® Measure & Grow

Better together

Agile IQ®’s uses one assessment to provide you with all the data you need to improve your SAFe® Agile Release Train.

  • Compare your teams and track progress.
  • Get cost reduction modelling.
  • Get insights to improve your Agile Release Train.

Impact Metrics

Cost reduction, psychological safety all from a single assessment.

Flow Metrics

Lead time and throughput

Capability metrics

23 behavioural metrics, including team effectiveness, self-organisation and management commitment.

Grow and sustain your Release Train

Agile IQ® metrics reflect a stage of maturity in your digital transformation. This maturity model is:

  • A behavioural, non-linear, maturity model.
  • Designed by APAC’s leading SAFe® SPC’s.
  • Linked to advice that will grow and sustain your investment in your digital transformation and Agile Release Train.

Agile IQ®: Transformation Academy™

Transformation Academy™ integrates seamlessly with Agile IQ® to guide your RTE and their Release Train teams to learn and grow.

Agile IQ®: Transformation Academy™ provides up-to-date, industry alinged, advice on how to use your Agile IQ® score to create scalable and repeatable outcomes from enterprise agility.

Jira Integration

Automate data from key sources

Agile IQ® makes it easy to pull data from Jira boards and give you insights on:

  • Throughput: Items per month.
  • Time to market: idea through to delivery.
  • Comparisons to companies at a similar stage in their digital transformation.

Curated Coaching Library for your Agile Release Train

Leave ‘gut instinct’ behind and make decisions based on data

Follow step-by-step guidance by leading SAFe® SPC consultants, designed to improve key agile success factors.

  • Advice based on your level of maturity.
  • Curated library of articles.
  • Improve consistency.

Agile IQ® will keep ARTs accountable with check-ins, reminders, and links to tutorials from certified, experienced, international agile experts proven to improve enterprise agility.

Keep a Real-time Pulse on business agility

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