Agile IQ® for SAFe® Measure & Grow

Better together

Agile IQ® assesses scaled agile performance across teams and programs.

Its reports provide you with the best view of business agility with dashboards and customisable Power BI reports on agile mindset, cost savings, ability to pivot, and team delivery effectiveness – all from a single assessment platform.

Everything you need to measure and grow agility

You don’t have to be an expert. Let the AI assess your SAFe® Lean-Agile mindset from your ART and teams’ behaviours and actions.

Flow metrics

Get impacts on lead time and throughput



See how your ART compares to others


Cost reduction

See your cost reduction as your business agility improves


Add improvements

Let the AI propose actions for improvement


AI assessments

AI interprets your Lean-Agile mindset in one assesment


Compare teams

Compare behaviours not velocity


Set goals

Create and track targets for agile capability improvement

Power BI

Get custom SAFe dashboards through Power BI or Excel


Track trends

See progress over time for all your teams

Reporting on SAFe® business agility

Agile IQ®’s uses one assessment. It inputs behaviours into the AI to provide you with all the metrics you need to understand the capability profile you have to opimtise the flow of value in your SAFe® Agile Release Train.

  • Compare your teams across your Agile Release Train and track progress.
  • Get flow metrics and benchmarking.
  • Get cost reduction modelling.

One dashboard. Full transparency of your ART's Lean-Agile mindset.

Agile IQ® uses one assessment to provide you with all the metrics you need to improve the flow of value in SAFe® Agile Release Train.

  • Flow metrics: throughput and lead time
  • Impact metrics: forecast cost reduction/savings
  • Agile IQ trends: showing improvement over time for all your teams across the ART.

Build and nurture SAFe® Lean-Agile capability maturity

Follow step-by-step guidance by experienced SAFe SPCs to improve key areas of agility for any type of team in your Agile Release Train – software, HR, finance or even marketing.

Each recommendation is customised to the team’s level of agility, helping your coaches strengthen the key behaviours that create business agility

Agile IQ® also keeps your RTE, Scrum Masters, and Agile Team Coaches accountable with check-ins and reminders.

Jira integration to send improvement actions directly into your Sprints

Agile IQ® makes it easy to pull data from Jira boards and give you automated insights and benchmarks on flow metrics:

  • Throughput: Items per month.
  • Time to market: idea through to delivery.

Curated knowledge library for your Agile Release Train

Your Agile IQ score is linked to key insights and guidance for strengthening business agility. Follow step-by-step guidance by leading SAFe® SPCs, designed to improve key agile success factors.

  • Advice based on your level of maturity.
  • Curated library of articles.
  • Improve consistency.

Agile IQ® will keep ARTs accountable with check-ins, reminders, and links to tutorials from certified, experienced, international agile experts proven to improve enterprise agility.

Keep a Real-time Pulse on business agility

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