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Stage One: Agile IQ® 166-200

Your Performance

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Your overall Agile IQ® score puts you in Stage Five.  Stage Five suggests that your company has mastered its digital transformation and are engaged in continuous and relentless improvement.

Forecast cost savings


Average time to release value

Every day

Average time to pivot to change

< 1 week

Forecast psychological safety


What is Stage Five?

Stage Five companies are global leaders. They have an aggressive focus on the customer and their needs and making rapid decisions through their network of team over the hierarchy. Stage Five teams have a ‘systems thinking’ mindset and operate to optimise the whole value stream. 

Archetypal behaviours

Your Agile IQ® score shows that you think about the "big picture' and optimising its parts rather than on optimising for outcomes for individual teams.

Teams optimise for its own outcomes
move to
The team sacrifices its own needs over the needs of the whole value stream.
Continuous improvement
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Product management actively invests in capability improvement.
Individual OKRs
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Product based OKRs and KPIs with teams' goal aligned to contributing to those.

Key to growth

While your Agile IQ® score is very high, there is always more to learn to optimise outcomes for customers.

Agile leadership
actions for growth
Executives and managers should lead by example and work in executive agile teams.
Agile capability management
actions for growth
Invest in improving time to market and ability to innovate as part of the improvement of products and creating capavbility to enter new markets.
Inspecting/adapting cycle for OKRs
actions for growth
Employ Sprint Reviews and quarterly review cycles on inspecting progress toward OKRs and adapting initiatives to ensure these are reached.

What to avoid

Data on the fastest path to sustainable growth, based on other companies' successes and lessons learned, is key to avoid the traps of transformation

Team level responsibilities
Leaving teams as teams. Give high performing Stage Five teams more responsibilities to teach others how to be more agile.

Agile IQ® gives you real comparison data

  • One assessment
  • Instant comparisons to other companies of a similar age
  • AI insights to inform digital transformations decisions and capability improvement
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Cost savings modelling

Track cost savings trends as Agile IQ increases.

Time to release value

See how you rate against other companies.

Throughput trends

Track cost savings trends as Agile IQ increases.

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