Website User-Experience (UX) Redesign for the Department of Industry

Redesigning for usability for a large, government department website.

The Situation

The Department of Industry's website consisted of thousands of pages, a complex organisational structure, and competing publishing priorities of hundreds of internal and external stakeholders. In the face of new policy by the Federal Government to adhere to WCAG 2.0 AA standards, the Department engaged ZXM to address its needs for a modern user- experience design that was easy to use as well as the ability to 'spin up' smaller program websites within hours rather than months.

The Solution

ZXM used a Design Thinking approach to the Department’s needs and engaged internal stakeholders in a Design Studio methodologyworkshop to:

  • Improve understanding regarding the key problems facing content management and usability.
  • Create and iterate designs to support thos issues.
  • Collaborate to agree on both the problem-space and solutions.

ZXM took the inputs from the workshop and undertook a mobile first approach to the website redesign, recommending that contextual navigation over a global header was paramount to enabling its users to browse page-to-page within the deep content hierarchy.

The Results

ZXM provided the Department with an innovative solution to meet its WCAG 2.0 AA compliance requirements, manage its websites and content in an holistic way, as well as promote a simplicity of design required to provide ease of use for its stakeholders, clients and end-users.

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