Scrum Master resources for when you are starting your journey

When I’m delivering Profressional Scrum Master Training (PSM I), people often ask me for recommendations on what blogs, books and resoeurces are out there for them to learn more on the topics I teach during the course.

There’s a lot of information out there. Lots of people have an opinion on everything from story points and estimation through to how to run an effective Daily Scrum.  Unfortunately, alot of it doesn’t align to the latest thoughts on industry good practice. Alot of it is by people who don’t understand the difference between Scrum and the bad practices people add on top. For people new to Scrum, and agile in general, it can be very hard to find reliable, credible, repeatable, and up-to-date sources that not only align to the Scrum Guide but also the latest industry thinking. 

To get my students started, these are the selected resources that I tend to suggest as a starting point. They are ones that I have found most valuable and typically help students to not only prepare for the exam, but more importantly, help them develop a thirist for learning.

My top 15 resources to get started:

Agile is about continous improvement and learning so I encourage my students to see this as the start of their journey and not the end. They are encouraged to keep advancing their practice and experience and not just see the course as a “tick and flick” to add Scrum Master Certification to their CV or LinkedIn profile.

What other resources do you recommend should be added to this selection for Scrum Masters staring their learning journey?

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