What does a Product Owner do?

The Product Owner is a role in many Agile Frameworks. They are responsible for optimising the delivery of products and maximising the value of the work of the Team. But what does a Product Owner do?


Communicate the Vision

Product Owners engage with senior executives to understand enterprise strategic goals to create a vision for the product and communicate it internally and externally.

Manage the scope of delivery

Making day-to-day as well as strategic decisions on what to spend budget on, what work gets done now, and what work gets done later is a key responsibility of the Product Owner. Ultimately, understanding what is of value to the organisation, stakeholders, and customers helps the Product Owner prioritise for the best impacts and outcomes. These decisions of the Product Owner are made transparent through the Product Backlog.

Manage stakeholder feedback

Fast feedback allows organisations to rapidly pivot so that value is always delivered. The Product Owner manages feedback to build empathy and an understanding of their needs and then realises it through the Product Backlog.

Download the Product Owner Role Checklist

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