Delivering Policy with Business Agility

How do you deliver a big policy outcome that normally take 6 months when you only have weeks?
An early election was called and we faced having to develop two sets of a comprehensive policy documents — the red book (left-wing) and the blue book (right-wing) — to brief an incoming government in 8 weeks. We were caught by surprise, the normal lead time were gone, and news about policy commitments came faster from TV and social media than traditional internal sources. This was a non software team in the business area who hadn’t done Agile before however we felt given the time frames, it was the best way to approach for such a high profile project. How do you deliver a big policy outcome that normally take 6 months when you only have weeks?
View the presentation from Agile 2018, San Diego by Mia Horrigan and Matthew Hodgson.prezi-agile2018

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