Elements of Experience Strategy

I’ve been reading through a number of blog posts over the last few weeks that examine the rise of experience architecture, experience strategy and content strategy, as part of the domain of the central domain of user-experience (UX). It’s an interesting discussion, and one that has prompted me to create a new model that covers my thoughts on these aspects of our work at Zen Ex Machina.
Certainly, many site’s experience suffers greatly because their content is poorly written, poorly contructed and poorly managed. As I discussed with a client recently, you can have a beautiful site but if the content is bad, then (even if someone manages to find the site) they won’t return. In my mind, therefore, a good experience strategy falls into two categories:

  1. Interaction design – how the components of information design (site structure and navigation), the user-interface, and the channel of delivery (e.g. mobile site, app, website, etc) come together in a seamless way
  2. Content design – how the governance, workflow and usability of the content serve both the need to communicate and engage as well as deliver information and services that meet the needs of its target users


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