Social Media in Government — Workshop April 2012

Zen Ex Machina are holding a social media for government workshop at the upcoming Australian Government Social Media Best Practice Toolkit conference by Ark Group.
Where: Canberra, Australia
When: 17-18 April 2012
In our hands-on and interactive workshop participants will learn to:

  • Examine the risk profile associated with adoption of social media and the methods currently used by government departments to reduce it
  • Create governance frameworks and profile end-users to safeguard against and monitor unwanted behaviour
  • Take a holistic view at program strategy, design, implementation and transition to business-as-usual
  • Ensure benefit/outcomes realisation of your social media endeavours

More information can be found at the Ark Group Australia website.

Matthew Hodgson

Matthew Hodgson

Founder of Zen Ex Machina. Scrum/Agile Coach. Designer of digital experiences since 1992. International presenter. UX & psych geek. Chocoholic. Loves red wine.

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