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Agile IQ®

Agile Values

Key Behaviour. Primary Factor.


Agile values takes organisations beyond the symbols of agility and changes their mindset to create improvements in speed to market, reduced costs, and ability to rapidly pivot to change.

Modern agile values are derived from the Agile Manifesto and its 12 principles. It makes statements of philosophical preference that promote:

  • Fast feedback loops from stakeholders.
  • Making decisions on an increment of value over a plan or documentation about future plans.
  • Working together in teams and with stakeholders.
  • Recognising that plans need to change when what is known to be of value changes, and making the pivot to change as quick and painless as possible.
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What influences stronger agile values?


Empiricism means working in a fact-based, experience-based, and evidence-based manner. Scrum implements an empirical process where progress is based on observations of reality, not assumptions about plans and future tasks.

Self improvement

People develop as ‘T-shaped people’. They build a breadth of knowledge in multiple disciplines for efficient collaboration and deep expertise aligned with their interests and skills. T-shaped people are a critical foundation of agile teams.

Decentralised decision-making

Delivering value in the shortest sustainable lead time requires decentralized decision-making. It is a key tenet of Lean thinking.

Shared purpose

Finding a sense of purpose in either the work itself or the output is important for team effectiveness. While the meaning of work is personal, helping the team succeed is an expression of a shared purpose.

Servant leadership

Servant leadership is a philosophy where the goal of the leader is to serve. This is different from traditional leadership where the leader’s main focus is managing and delegating tasks to optimise for utilisation and efficiency.


Connected team members demonstrate trustworthiness by caring about each other’s wellbeing. They have a meaningful sense of team community that supports honesty, respect, and psychological safety

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