Executive Leadership in the Agile Enterprise


July 14 - 09:00 am


June 14 - 05:00 pm

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Managers play a critical role in the Agile enterprise. But as teams and programs move to being self-managing, what exactly is a leader’s job? How do you leverage management to create organisational resilience and performance?
In this hands-on workshop, go beyond Agile and delve into how to create, scale, and sustain enhanced enterprise outcomes at all levels with Agile product management. We’ll examine what it takes to evolve to value stream operating models, product management roles, and Agile KPIs.

You’ll learn:

  • The latest Agile leadership techniques needed to manage a continuous learning culture
  • The role of the Executive Action Team in Agile portfolios
  • Managing the move from projects to Agile product management and value streams operating models
  • Value stream and team design
  • Defining products over projects
  • Product management governance and roles
  • Elevating product value streams to the portfolio
  • Prioritising strategic and tactical initiatives using value-based metrics and reporting
  • Implementing Lean-Agile portfolio management
  • Reporting on Agile growth and outcomes with predictive analytics.

Recommended workshop pre-requisites:

  • Practical experience with Agile
  • Working knowledge of Scrum roles and responsibilities.

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