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How does it work?

Our competitors promote a 90-day process that plans for the next 180 days. When combined with traditional quality gates, is results in waste and lead times of 6-9 months to deliver strategic outcomes.

Value stream map showing the bottlenecks in traditional, gated planning and delivery cycles.

We map your value streams, identify your bottlenecks and then scope what it would take to remove them. These form strategic hypotheses and recommendations that we take into our scoping exercises to run a small pilot. 

Start small with a pilot

We start with your leadership and a few of your teams, and apply the tactics hypothesised for improving productivity. Combined with Evidence Based Management (EBM), our focus is to coach you through removing the bottlenecks with Lean Thinking.

Our competitors spend up to a year scoping and making recommendations. We can scope, implement a fully-operational pilot, and be ready to scale its findings to your entire program within 3-months.

Scaling to the rest of the enterprise

Once learnings have been gathered from teams and their initial Lean-Agile practices, we work with leadership to scale to the program. 

Empower executives

We train and coach them to manage the new Lean-Agile system of work, particularly where prioritisation of strategic initiatives and managing risk is concerned.

Mentor Lean Leaders

We create the capability necessary for you and your leaders to manage program backlogs, define and manage value streams, and launch Agile Release Trains.

Train teams

We help them to work collaboratively at scale, plan, delivery and integrate work in a low-risk way. We do this trough a unique mixture of training and on-the-job coaching.

Sustaining your Lean-Agile mindset

After 6-9 months, the temptation is to pull your foot off the accelerator. This is a high risk time when people feel they know enough about Lean, Kanban and Agile to go it alone. Because lack of experience is a key risk factor for adopting and sustaining new ways of working, this behaviour puts your investment at risk.

We don't want you to go backwards!

Sustaining our client’s business agility is vital. 

Our clients’ leadership and Lean-Agile practitioners receive monthly coaching and training sessions in order to keep up-to-date with the latest patterns and practices. This helps you reap the maximum benefit from your investment in agile.

Where we focus


We deploy Lean metrics

Cycle time and lead time are key to understanding how to optimise the flow of work and enhance throughput.

We develop your internal Lean coaching capability

Our coaching program helps turn your managers into lean thinkers and Lean Leaders.

We support your experts

Lean and agile thinking is always evolving. It's easy to get left behind. Our agile consultants keep you in touch with the latest agile trends to support your continuous improvement.

How long does it take?

Using our frameworks, consultants, and tools, we can embed Lean-Agile ways of working at a sustainable pace within as little as 3 months. Scaling to the program, in a way that is sustainable and maintains its state of optimum throughput, can take up to a year.

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